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Jasmina Siderovski
empowering Your soul
 Founder and Creative Director, Editor-in-Chief at eYs Magazine, Publisher, and Author 

Authors: J.M. Adele, Gemma Arlington, Melissa Bell, Alidiana DeVoss, J. J. Jarrett, Kay Maree, Ann Mickan, Kam Newton, Jefferey Rafter, Jasmina Siderovski, Nathan Stacey and J. Thiele.

Essentially – [Adverb]1. Used to emphasize the basic, fundamental, or intrinsic nature of a person or thing.

Essentially Australian Romance Anthology 

We are Essentially a group of Australian Authors who have come together to introduce the world to some of the best independently published writers Australia has to offer.
The stories contained in this anthology are basically of a romantic undertone and they vary in levels of heat. Therefore, we hope there will be a little of something between the covers for everyone.

We know, as a group, we have discovered many of our favourite authors through reading anthologies such as this one, and we hope you do too.


Tycoon Chantele's secret past resurfaces when she accidentally discovers an email on her father’s computer. Remembering a promise she had made to her grandfather, Chantele is determined more than ever keep her secret safe. 

A respected journalist living in Kensington, London Chantele has suppressed her immeasurable wealth and true identity from her husband, family and friends fearing one day that it may cost her life. 

Vincent Mancini, a government official who is amused only by the truth, has been raised by a working-class Italian family who is set in his ways, enjoying the little things in life. He is an excellent father raising teenage daughters and a love child who is smarter than any normal nine-year-old. Happily married to Chantele, the woman of his dreams Vincent finds himself drawn into Chantele’s world of mystery, espionage and conspiracy, as he begins to seek the answers about the true identity of his wife? 

Vincent is on a mission to decipher the words in a secret diary she has ingeniously used to S.O.S Vincent of the danger they are about to face. Vincent vows to himself that he will get his family back and do whatever it takes including breaking all the rules of love and everything life has ever taught him not to do. The grey areas keep his mind hostage, while his obsessive-compulsive-disorder is struggling with an imperfect reality set to revamp his entire existence.

Cancer Research Charity Anthology: Tempting Fate

ONLY 0.99 USD on eBook or ePub
or $19.99 Paperback

Tempting Fate: 
Charity Anthology Benefitting Cancer Research Institute

Sometimes in life, something happens that will not only affect you, it will create a ripple effect, encompassing your family and friends. Hope will help you to overcome and survive, but your life and outlook are forever changed.
This collection of stories is about overcoming obstacles, surviving when it seemed hard or impossible, and dealing with life-changing events. 

**All proceeds will benefit Cancer Research Institute. 
Read "Journey to My Soul" by Jasmina Siderovski

Jasmina Siderovski is known for her enigmatic mind, curious beyond scopes that nourish her eclecticism. She is the Founder of and an internationally endorsed web author, writer, editor, publisher, blogger, and an inspirational and motivational author. She is known for her active and vibrant energy, mainly recognized for her articles, quotes, and sayings, a journalism adopting a charismatic outlook, inspiring qualities that help many find their niche in life. Her experience, based on Jasmina's life tribunals that inspire, move and motivate. Jasmina's plight is to encourage as many as possible to turn their goals and dreams to fruition.

Jasmina's outlook and vision through her writing enlighten our purpose in the times ahead within this rapidly changing and diverse society. Her approach is to challenge our way of thinking, beyond limitations and how our everyday life relates to these active times of periodical development in a savvy planet. Jasmina's quotes and beliefs are an invigorating soul building tool that captures and relate to the inquisitive mind, those who aspire, those who seek direction, or even a revamp of our everyday choices and challenges.