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1 February, 2018

           Sometimes we are lost and caught up in the routine of life. Family and friends, work and never-ending bills. Goals are a choice and happiness a path. This path is one that seems to be the light of our life. One we have faith that will always glow, especially, when we tune in with the real in this world. Some say we need to work hard and rewarded with the luxuries of life. Others don't have the knowledge or support for guidance each day. Then there are many with the struggles of health, illness and disease too - many still incurable. Some have figured it out and make it all look flawless as we question what makes them unique that leaves the rest of us chasing our tails. Of course, there are the disillusioned where crime and negativity a part of their lifestyle, because that is who they believe they are until time teaches them how to love and be loved.

          We all have demons that haunt us quietly. Perhaps some lighter and others a little deeper. Some stem from our childhood and the lack of closure, while others are innate and don't know any better. There will always be the hard workers and those that aim for the stars, and we will have many at peace with who they now are. It's when you are always questioning your life and yourself; perhaps destiny lays first within yourself.

         We live in an era advanced and progressing by the second. Very soon we will be holidaying on the moon. We have been raised by our ancestors that have implemented security and rules we have all been taught to walk alongside. Our beliefs and origins will always vary as our signature will belong to history. Understand that without the footsteps we have left behind there will be no footsteps to all follow. No one was born to have all the answers, centuries of ancient civilisation and this life we currently belong are all entwined, and all connect as we build tomorrow.

          The purpose of my voice is to say - you've got this, people. Anger, frustrations, anxiety, wishes, sadness, love and laughter, smiles, faith and hope they all belong together because without each of these - we don't exist! We are encouraged to be positive and keep it light, be it a world of confidence, self-belief, dignity, religion or the law of attraction, it's your story, and you have the key to make it as powerful and as beautiful or satisfying to you as you want it.

          There is no success or failure. It is all life experience. The chance to live and to learn. You take your time to watch and absorb, process in our mind the miracle of life, as we watch our children grow, a part of ourselves in each lesson they learn. I am certainly not one to follow the rules. They are just a guide, nor do I teach my children that rules are gospel in life. Instead, I encourage them to shape their path and feel each stepping stone with the appropriate emotion and learn to trust their intuition. I do ask them though to make sure they appreciate the choices they have made, in the hope that someday they can gift this to their children as they become us. Our voice is what makes us unique and has the power to reach many as we all walk together with the lessons we learn from each other. As long as our heart is in the right place, we will always have the chance to gift tomorrow as our ancestors gifted us today.

          There will always be a storm, and there will still be light. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, they are guaranteed as rainbows after the shower cleansing the dust away so that we can all breathe fresh air again. Whatever your pain, whatever keeps you from being at peace remember it's okay to be going through this. We all are. There is no perfect life out there, although we are brainwashed power is the only language success understands.

          Success is the life we behold; it is a miracle to wake up today as someone else is given their angel wings. When you are given yours make sure my friends from my heart to you-you are content and at peace that you have loved and you have smiled, you have cried, and you have laughed from the heart. Make sure you have appreciated how it feels to be angry, upset, sad and betrayed. Also, remember the life we were once taught. Ensure you learned along the way and more importantly you gave back in some way. Pay it forward always. We are in this together and don’t forget those cheeky little eyes watching us too. May you be all blessed and have an excellent start to February. Make 2018 the year for new beginnings. I can't tell you how. I can only say "trust your strength" to give this life the life you and our future deserves!

Be Blessed! 

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