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'e Y s Magazine'  launched its first edition of Empowering Your Soul Magazine in June 2018. A digital online and print magazine. Editor in Chief, Publisher, Founding and Creative Director,  Jasmina Siderovski has commissioned an impressive team of seasoned contributors with stories, experience and talents to create a contemporary, informative, inspirational magazine. 

Jasmina Siderovski founded EMPOWERING YOUR SOUL in 2012, the author of ‘Empowering Your Soul - Legacy of Her Mind’, awarded 2016 Gold Medal International Publisher Award Winner in Philosophy. Founder, Director and Editor-in-Chief of eYs Magazine, a contemporary, inspirational humanitarian magazine celebrating people, business and inspiring articles. The voice for our unsung heroes.

Jasmina was included in the 2018 line-up of Best-Selling Authors in the Anthologies ‘Tempting Fate - Journey to My Soul’ for Cancer Research Institute and ‘Essentially Australian Romance Anthology.’ 

TMN Magazine, USA awarded Jasmina ‘Best Book of the Year’ and International Women’s Day Ambassador. The Asian Entrepreneur featured Jasmina's journey as the Founder of Empowering Your Soul in their international entrepreneur publication. Paramount, Nashville awarded Jasmina the 'Director's Award' for her lyrics “A Christmas Wish." 

Jasmina is a regular guest on the Marsha Casper Cook Show (Michigan Avenue Network), in Chicago USA and Washington University Professor, New York Times - Best Selling Author Jack Remick. Anne Geddes supported Jasmina in her 2014 release, 'Little Blessings.’ Alaska Airlines endorsed one of Jasmina’s quotes in their official 'Brand Guidelines' manual and Highpoint University, USA, featured her legacy quote on the cover of the 'University Legacy Brochure' as their legacy.

Jasmina is attending International author events throughout 2019 and 2020. A signing author at the Australia Readers Romance Association 2019 (A Romantic Rendezvous) in Sydney and a guest speaker at charity and womens empowerment events. eYs Magazine was a Platinum Sponsor for Multiple Sclerosis at the MS Fundraiser Gala 2018 and Wham Bam Author Jam in New Zealand. Jasmina was at Riveting Reads Australia 2017 - Brisbane, raising funds for Make-A-Wish Australia and the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia.

A Global Goodwill Ambassador, Chair of Oceania and Director of the Global Communications Team, Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA). Jasmina is also, the Ambassador for Australia 'My Body is My Body Programme - Against Child Abuse' joining forces with the Founder of the program Chrissy Sykes, from the United Kingdom. Jasmina is part of the 'Global Network Expertise - Women Empowered Global' empowering women alongside CEO Global Speaker and Advisory Executive Council Member, Sinela Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka. She is a lifetime honorary member for All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum - WEF. Jasmina is a multi-genre author, advocate and ambassador for world peace, conflict resolution, women’s rights, unity and empowerment as well as protecting children. An Australian humanitarian uniting the world.

Jasmina will be moderating the Global Goodwill Ambassadors 2020 International Summit in Sydney. Uniting humanitarians from around the globe promoting peace talks and supporting global humanitarian causes. An advocate for world peace, conflict resolution, women's rights, empowerment and child protection. Chair of Oceania Global Goodwill Ambassadors and United Nations Volunteer - UNV RN: 1429134.

Jasmina Siderovski was awarded the prestigious honour of Chair of Oceania, and Director of the Global Communications Team - Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA by the CEO and Founder, Richard DiPilla, GGA. There are currently just over 10,000 ambassadors worldwide. 

If you currently do any volunteer work or are a goodwill humanitarian please contact myself or anyone at Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

Jasmina Siderovski was awarded Ambassador for Australia My Body is My Body Programme by the Founder Chrissy Sykes from the United Kingdom raising awareness for child protection.

Jasmina Siderovski is a key influencer for Womens Empowerment and part of the Global Expertise Network for Women Empowered Global. A lifetime honorary member for All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum WEF. 

Jasmina Siderovski was featured LIVE on Network Ink - Michigan Avenue Media with Marsha Casper Cook an award-winning American author, screenplay writer, and writing coach, CEO of Michigan Avenue Media USA and CEO of Marcus Maxwell Inc to be a guest Co-host with her and Jack Remick on the Marsha Casper Cook show in Chicago.

Jack Remick is an award-winning author of 22 books (Best Sellers USA) and is on the Board of Reviewers for New York American Journal of Books and served on the Board for Pig Iron Magazines USA as well as Editor. Jack also taught screenwriting and fiction writing at the University of Washing a respected literary intellect and Professor.