A Legacy by Jasmina Siderovski

empowering Your soul 

Sometimes things happen for a reason, and other times, it's just a transitional stage in our life. Either way, the universe tends to bring people and their stories of hope, challenging times, success and inspiration together to form a foundation for direction.  The way I tend to see it, it’s a congruence of substance and identity of oneself sharing visions, dreams, and aspirations.  

I am a wife and a mother of two young men.   It is they who have taught me what it means to exist, a reason dêtre of substance and certainly comfortable with the choices I have made in life.   As a Macedonian migrant, I have become more and more aware of the definition ‘nostalgic identity’. Belonging to a country at birth and raised in a new culture, a home that becomes my identity – Australia. It's the notion of understanding how you connected with a labyrinth of different personalities, ideas and pursued personal growth along with other individuals who have known the scopes, of a diverse world and of course those who are yet to find their place in a growing era of aspiration and inspiration.  The pavement of learning to integrate, the language, its custom and culture of a continent so far from the rest of the world. Advanced in more ways than one; a fast paced digital tsunami of transformation, epidemic congruence and the world that has helped shape my growth, a chronological cliché of self-development and creativity to survive in an era foreign to all of us.  Like everyone else, developing with this move to exciting new technology, the revolution in medicine, the development of an economic and a savvy political world along with a politically correct society, ergonomic and ecological innovations have rapidly kept my mind astute. Discernment and metaphysics an apt that subsist the curious mind; mine.

Over time, regardless of your home and career, we have forgotten the origins of our existence and how this is meant to coincide with our travel through this timeline.  Of course, different circumstances meet different pragmatic aspirations.  I like to think along the lines that time creates you to think a little outside the square, perhaps one that has embossed and shaped my future.  I have learned with time and knowledge or understanding if you like, the importance to help cushion our changes, deeper appreciate what is happening to all of us and how we can all attribute to inner peace, a calm that is easily passed on from one person to the next in a positive regard.

Faced for an on-slaughter of lessons learned if we don't continue to educate our minds and bodies to integrate with a difference and build others along with our own success stories. It's a mechanism of working wisely, reaching the finish line ahead of everyone else without the impact of a cyclonic tsunami.

My job touches on a charismatic and powerful democratically and politically correct society, our challenges, our morals and self-discipline to pursue that never-ending hunger that seems to nourish our inquisitive scope that transcends our limitations beyond the norm. Empowering Your Soul is exactly that - to help shape our goals, success, peace, and substance that will contribute to a new generation, a sassy and sleek way of thinking.  The result is the difference you will not only make in your own life but leave an aura as you guide others to embark a particular systemic behaviour of colossal synergy that will keep them afloat within their dreams.