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Empowering Your Soul 

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Empowering Your Soul 

The Magazine of Art & Life 

by Jasmina Siderovski

Social Media - The Balance of the Ultimatum

Written by Jasmina Siderovski
25th February 2016

Social Media - The Balance of the Ultimatum!

The function of endorphins in our systemic emotions as a keyboard warrior and socially accepted abundance of digital recreation are fulfilling our lack of epistolary. As the timeline of generational gaps, meet with Einstein’s epiphany “that we will be socially inept.”

As genius and brilliant this mesmerizing acute perception we have all been entranced by, Albert Einstein, a century later, has been well received, recognized, and preserved in his theory of special relativity. He determined the laws of physics are the same, for all non-accelerating observers, as he showed that the speed of light in a vacùum is the same, no matter the speed at which an observer travels.

It's this theory that inhibited two objects to exert a force of attraction on one another, known as gravity. Hence quantified when the gravity between two objects, formulated three laws of motion, by Sir Isaac Newton. The force tugging between two bodies depends on how massive each one is, and how far apart the two are. Even as the center of the earth is pulling you towards it (keeping you firmly lodged on the ground), your center of mass is pulling back at the earth. But the more massive body barely feels the tug from you, while with your much smaller mass, you find yourself firmly rooted thanks to that same force.

Yet, Newton's laws assume that gravity is an innate force of an object that can act over a distance. So by now you are thinking, I think I know where this is going, but how do we relate it to social media and lifestyle?

As genius Albert was - 100 years later, we are social media. No, not ‘on’ social media - we ‘are’ social media. Think about it, as Facebook was introduced into many of our homes, families, friends, acquaintances, and business is a lot more socially closer. We have unknowingly become a part of Einstein’s rule of ‘special relativity’.

Once again, he showed that the speed of light in a vacúum is the same, no matter the speed at which an observer travels, yes, correct – in our case Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, you name it, and more. Hence pre-qualifying my extension on Einstein’s theory that we have become socially transmitted or at least gravitated toward a force that surrounds us every minute. Confusing, I'm sure, but not that far from the truth.

Metaphysics is sometimes a metaphor for a circumstance that we can't explain. Proven and a relative to current technology. Einstein certainly wasn't far from the truth, as he queried, and ‘predicted’ we will become “a race of generational idiots.”

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

- Albert Einstein

It's the gravity that attracts our social behavior, whether we accept it or not, it's actually the quiver to our new reality. Is this bad? Is digital technology the new generational culture of the twenty-first century? Are we really socially inept? Perhaps, but then it depends on how we perceive our outlook on basic fundamentals of the modern age.

The world has become closer, photos are instant, and information is the wealth of any responsible aspiring individual. I disagree. I don't think we are a new generation of idiots, a little irresponsible most definitely, socially aware – yes. Lonely, I don't think so, but idiots - DEFINITELY NOT!

So, to those who constantly qualify social media as a weakness in our lifestyle, think about the abundance of knowledge, the array of constructive criticism, and the genuine, heartfelt messages, as so many of us are more comfortable reaching out to a society that indulges in healthy debate.

Let's not include the trolls and haters. Their world is a lifestyle of its own, and personally each to themselves. In my theory, we all have a story to tell and a passion for love and kindness. We have experienced pain, fear, and deception. We have a gravity of relativity, our worlds so far apart, but our minds, so close to the heart. If you can make a difference in this world, do it - don't hold back!

Never stop questioning your beliefs. Your core values make you an individual. It's your standards that create your personable nature, and it's the confidence to grow with others. Learning to trust your aura will send some magic in this world. The right people will love you for exactly who you are. The only justification is to us.

“Note to self: Positive hearts, reward the hearts of the ‘Pythagoras’ soul; yet, attract the ‘Neo-Platonism’ thoughts of our peripatetic minds in a stoicism world. Arguably, an epicurean goal, a dimension, still unclear to our philosophical, skeptic, reality.” 

- Jasmina Siderovski

Love and War

Written By Jasmina Siderovski

26th August 2015

In life you meet the loner, you meet the social butterfly, the antagonist, the power to you and the drifter! Whom ever path you cross in life, learn each second a part of their traits and take in the choice to delegate that part that strengthens your uniqueness. Never judge others personalities use those traits to teach you just how amazing each attribute strengthens your core. You never know when these just might come in handy to build your life. We all are different and unique in our own ways, there is never a wrong or right - just a special uniqueness that will always set each person apart from those who know where they have been and yet to learn their path.

Our lives belong with our determination to be the best we can be. The natural beauty to spread our goodness and hope it's reciprocated by others. It's when you give your heart unconditionally, time and time again, with no appreciation in return, as much as we think our love is pre nuptial reality has it that its human nature to give and take. Love and goodness do in the end come with the price tag, where one is doing the giving and the other the receiving may it be without thought or even unintentional we sometimes forget to look at the bigger picture.

Love as unconditional and universal as it is, it's also a magnet to be received and acknowledged by all involved. A friendship or a partnership, it is based on two people appreciating, understanding, caring, trusting, dedication and commitment to make it work. It's not hard to just come half way, it's not difficult to have an understanding and it's not against the law to smile from time to time.

Unfortunately, we all have been dealt a story of our own, no one is here to compare the weight of each heartache, it's simple it's called caring for yourself and others, helping where we can, opening the doors to other genuine souls and trusting again. Always listen beyond the words, beyond their eyes look into their souls and understand the language that is a gift to all.

Bullying in a Modern Era

Written by Jasmina Siderovski

25th August 2015

We are taught and raised not to condone or tolerate bullying, we are individuals preserved with self-respect, dreams and attitude to make a difference in this world. In life we endure all sorts of characters those who praise dreams, those who learn from others and those who chaise substance, sadly, then there are those who have no idea what it is they are seeking. Precious moments are built on trust, sovereignty, morals, values and ideals. They are built on kindness, growth and mainly substance appreciating that we are all different, we all have a gift in life; be it sport, entertaining, writing and so forth or just simply the ability to value others. 

Time and moments are wasted through negative visions; disillusioned existence and most of all trying to impress others simply to fit into a group or circle that makes you feel part of a group to satisfy the need to belong. Reality has it if you feel you need to be a bully, in order to fit in; to be appreciated or to be accepted, then your basis for survival skills is in need of heavy rehabilitation. What makes a friendship is the strength to build others up, hold them close, catch them when they are falling and never be part of a team that will only create a sad and lonely path. The rewards are much more gratuitous and satisfying knowing you have contributed to a persons success and future. 

Our words can be sharp, they can hurt or they can melt someone’s heart. Choose them wisely it may be harder to take them back. Sometimes we have to bite our tongue and then there are those we have to stand our ground! You are well balanced to know that life and love, work and play are monitored with our intuition, our feelings make our lives a better world! It's a choice! Pick the one that builds your character and not trashes your integrity.

Know who you are, why you are here and be proud to be that special person who doesn't seek the acceptance by friends who pressure you into doing things that truly aren't you. Goodness is being that individual knowing you are true to you and those who surround you. This is a basis in any relationship, be it your family, friends, workplace, community or various life experiences. Life and its diplomacy have its domino effects you will appreciate this quote by myself that reaffirms our natural ability to stand up for our own beliefs!

“The bureaucracy of a panjandrum mind dreams to allude the congress of a nation. Fortunately, it’s the pendulous reality that balances our sagacity to control the jurisdiction of judicial inclination”.

Our freedom to speak will never set a jurisdiction for what’s right and what belongs to future generations – our children. It’s about the freedom to choose, to speak, to learn, to educate, to influence a bigger power or at least the upper hand belonging to us the people. All in all bullying is not tolerated or accepted by anyone you are wise and strong enough to reach out and seek support! Bullying in a modern era has given us so many avenues to find a support network that will always guide you to reality and that special smile.

Control a Diversified Fear

Written by Jasmina Siderovski
9th October 2015

Sometimes we are challenged to balance our emotions. We can be on a high and the lows from time to time tend to remind us we really need to appreciate what we already have. So many people are happy with less than what we have and that is so true. We are all surrounded with reminders of the blessings in our lives each and every day! 
Fear and anxiety are just a transitional phase that shape events out of our control and in turn help you challenge fear. Fear is the biggest cause of anxiety - with fear naturally follows our low self esteem - the lack of control. It's all related. We are taught that fear is healthy at times as it balances out universal principles and we learn that the outcome is not always a controlled phenomenon.  
Regardless of your beliefs or religion - control is a broad area that surfaces with so much of the Unknown. Sometimes it's just easier to let it be as we hit challenge and other times if you are like me so headstrong you refuse to let it take over your core belief as you work so hard years and years shaping your values to understand that you are your own destiny! This is open to your interpretation as there is no final light - destiny is so different to so many people and we all differ as a human race. I don't mean that we are any more or less equal, or sub divisive in spectrum - I simply am saying that we all have a unique story of our own. 
Structure is a coercive measurement of a judgmental society. We are taught to live and learn and create. They are the fundamentals of life! What we lack in scope is that we have an even deeper side to us where some may choose to explore and others fear. Fear is a journey in itself. We all have some type of fear and we all face it from time to time. Understanding that fear and control, although heavily correlated are also obtuse in core! There is never a set time which defines us how to deal with this part of us as our minds and bodies deal with acuteness in so many different ways.
Anxiety and fear, lack of control and perfection all shapes us as people. We deal with it every day - in our homes, our career, society and now our new lifestyle of social media that has entered our routine.
STOP making it so final. Life has its plan yours is being shaped. Until you are groomed to understand that everything is just not so black and white in life and you appreciate that the gray areas are there to build our strength, wisdom and experience, then you are open to the bigger things that reward you as you learn that sometimes everything is really not at all what it seems.
Life takes you to its heights and its lows. It can also take away a piece of you, the lessons become your teacher and you become its learning curve, an experience of universal principles, the etiquette of inevitability. This is what I'm trying to say sometimes it is what it is. The only way you can challenge your fear is by learning that fear is just a lack of your control. It's an anti-social tool that reminds us to not be so dormant as we chase our dreams. Taking one step at a time through that dream is facing your fear. 
It's the approach to how you deal with uncertainty, control and challenge. Your reaction is the key to your happiness once you work out what that is the rest suddenly follows and all works out!!!

Judging Others

Written by Jasmina Siderovski 
31st August 2015

Our lives are connected in so many ways, from both ends of the universe all the way to our hearts. We live in distant corners of the world, leading lives so different, but not so different. In fact, we all love to make a difference in this world. The sad truth is that not many have embarked on these revelations, or are yet to understand what it is they are seeking. Happily leading flamboyant lives that really add no substance, or quality to oneself, or anyone else.

Many will leave this world never having found purpose. Perhaps to no fault of their own, as life is a mystery, and many will never have the chance to find the truth or substance.

“What is truth? It’s a realm of facts, by the persons seeking justice in their journey, questioning the truth?”

The truth is what makes sense. They are facts of the events in your journey through life. Some truth may be painful and others an awakening. Some may lead to more questions, simply an extension of understanding the truth. A lot has been discussed and touched on, however, there is so much more in life to touch on that it’s truly a never-ending journey for us all.

We can all collectively make a difference. You just have to search for that difference in life. It could be a simple gesture, a simple smile, a simple donation, or a simple belief in someone else’s dreams.

We are quick to judge others. We lack the control to understand who we are judging, and even why we are judging them at all. As an old American Proverb states: “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” There is a further depth to that in my eyes.

There is something rejuvenating to have the ability to block a judgmental world. We all need to slow down, and take the time to smell the roses, and appreciate their real beauty in life. We need to achieve goals in our lives through fairness and equality.

Unfortunately, a bigger power of greed and jealousy has taken over society, as fairness and equality are questioned.

Love your life, think about the clutter in your mind, and hold on to hope that somehow, somewhere, things will come right.

Circumstances are a tribute to tests. Destiny in your heart is what you make of it. Nothing is ever easy, nor meant to be, nor is it hard, or impossible to conquer. We all smile, we all cry, and we all have the choice to value our tribunals and cherish the once what was to what will be.

Nothing ever makes sense, perhaps we over analyze, or perhaps we miss the point. Perhaps, our ideas somewhat differ, yet somehow equate to morals. It doesn't matter who you are, or the story you have to tell. No one should ever judge you for your successes or your failures.

Success is learning and listening. Our choices and intellectual property - that is success!  How you choose to grow, it's solely up to you. Never base it on the next person, because the day you compare your smile and life with others is the day you will let yourself down. Don't fall in that circle, attract positive people in your heart, cherish those special people, and try to understand their place in life. Never stoop to other’s misdemeanors, as you will only mirror the next. Be unique, and be proud to be YOU.

“Finding a peace within yourself isn’t condoning your actions, but learning from your reaction.”