'A  Legacy' by  
 Author Jasmina Siderovski

empowering Your soul


Do we read too much into choice or is it a free concept of decisions based on lessons learned? Perhaps we hide behind stigma and society? Worse, is it a comfort zone or a parable? My point being, how far do we use choice to network in a global market of the saga, deception, greed, and general wellbeing? Is the practice of choice an art, an innate contingency of the soul, a creed by authoritarian influence or, worse, just a way of life?

Quantity versus Quality

Responsive measures are an egalitarian democracy. However, responsibility sometimes outweighs accountability. Either way, choice is an art of congressional existence. It's the doctrine of what defines our character, a person, or an entity. We become the choice as choices become our way of life.

What is Choice? 

It is not necessarily an automated result, as “the right thing to do.” It may also be a proverbial manifest of a collection of idioms that transpire into everyday thoughts. Confusing in tense, even we don't realize just how far our misuse and abuse of the choices we are confronted with making a mark in this world; an undisciplined characteristic that soon becomes a contradiction of what choice truly stands for.

When choice in an event for success becomes an opportunity to change your life, the people around you, and even your world, it becomes part of you. You are a reflection of your own choices while appreciating, perhaps, that they weren’t necessarily moral ones, more so a sacrifice of your soul.

I guess no one is really perfect; hence, you're not an exception, right? You then become even more confused as you begin to define choice in the role of success and your personal existence.

The combination of hard work and no play is working harder, not smarter. Your path to success becomes an open book, a world of analogy and admiration, inspiration and candidacy. Diplomatic perhaps, you got there right? So you reap the rewards of success - not necessarily a bad thing. You worked hard, and in your heart, you deserve recognition.  Except it's when choices and success become a sacrifice that you thought you would be okay with until it’s that sacrifice that redefines your whole world of existence and overhauls your understanding of morals and choices.

Sacrifice becomes your new goal, transforming your perception into an accolade of dreams, where legacy, in turn, advocates your true character, the choice to be at peace. Sacrifice is an understanding of success and the choices that have had an impact on your life to be amicable as much as one can be. How does this relate to my current state of mind? Sometimes my head feels like an i-Cloud, storing so much information, taking its time to download and deliver an affirmation of my everyday routine.  I am reminiscing on the hiccups along the way and can safely say in my heart, I know it will all be worth it.

With the fast pace of so much congruence in our everyday lives, starting from the minute we wake up to the minute we go back to bed, we are faced with many questions challenging us to tackle the answers. But in reality, the answers continue to limber on in our minds as we overthink and over analyze our or others’ actions.

Living in a beautiful country as I do (Australia), I feel the tension within society stems from the quality of life we once knew slowly becoming a thing of the past. It starts within our homes, our daily routines, to the outside economic world joined by politics, global warming, new health risks, the financial crisis in Europe and around the world, the (2016) elections in the United States of America, and the environmental issues becoming more and more predominant as future doctrines and laws are set in stone.

You may be at home or in the office enjoying a cup of coffee, taking time out to read the daily newspaper, cringing at all the hype and uncertainty facing us, affecting each of us in every way. By the time you are halfway done, you don’t realize it, but your body and mind become tuned into the general feelings that are expressed in the articles and integrate into a zone of negativity without even meaning to be there. It naturally does not get any better as we triumph through the day and feel the stress associated with work and play.

There is always someone driving us to perform or to meet deadlines, to produce results or meet targets. Yes, we, all have bills to pay.

At home, we are faced with the staples of life becoming more and more complicated, and our carefree qualities that we all once upon a time enjoyed are now fading away. We simply can’t distance ourselves from all the pressure unless we all live on a remote island with no phones, televisions, radios, or computers. Even then, we would struggle with what we would eat, wear, and do.

Have we become a dependent race? Truth be told, you can’t seem to win either way. It’s a fact of life that we are faced with choices, but we may not always necessarily be able to choose or make the right ones. Choice has become a deep, meaningful part of our lives. It is like a pandemic and grows to lengths and magnitudes that defy simplicity in our lives. It’s not necessarily materialistic; it can be physical, emotional, and egotistical. The choice of the same product in a variety of brands, the choice of gas stations all lined up within a short distance of each other, the choice of recreational activities, events, and social living. It would be interesting if a study exists to calculate the amount of time society spends in their lifetime on choice - a little daunting, most definitely.

These choices interrupt our daily routine, and if we are not careful, they may become the poison in society that leads us to a future lacking in truth and generational values. Fortunately, there is good news, and we have the choice to choose how much time and effort we actually spend on these frustrations. Just to clarify, I am not saying choice is a bad thing. I am just voicing that if we do not use our choices wisely and profoundly then we are guilty of contributing to the lack of sagacity and discernment of our knowledge and wisdom being used constructively and ultimately leads to the destruction of our happiness. At the moment, it’s not a secret that our society has become divided into branding of class, from the élite, wealthy, and powerful to the middle and low-income, and then the homeless. It is sad when even the politicians themselves have highlighted this awareness as a concern within our homes, opening wounds and an issue heavily debated across the board. Not a great start for our children who are already confused trying to learn and fit into a diverse role destined to be their future.

What type of role models have we become for our young future leaders, our future innovators, and our future’s hope for peace - our own children?  It’s a catch-22. You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t. Once again, there are no winners. So how do we introduce the barriers of entry in everyday life, police fundamental changes, reason without a doubt, assess and play devil’s advocate, live and prove and teach moderation within reason in a savvy world? We are faced with so much negativity, conflict, adverse society, a lack of rationalism, and the scope to think for ourselves, as we are continually influenced by peer pressure, the fear of mental bullying and fear within itself and, of course, the new era of social media that gravitates with our decaying minds on autopilot as we falsify our ability to self-exist and think.

I have found that, as a general rule, we have become less tolerant and more vocal, impatient and less obedient. Our expectations have been raised, and we seem to be more astute, raising the bar in everyday living. We all want a bigger home, a new car, a trip overseas, the latest fashion, the latest technology, fine dining, luxury accommodations, and business seats on planes, innovative design within our homes, plush furniture and diamonds. A-grade lawns, magnesium pools, regular visits to health spas and beauty parlour's, and more. We all have been fine-tuned to the available resources and trapped in the notion that this is how we are meant to live.

Are the choices we make based on the truth of choice screaming in our souls? Or, are these stemmed from an acquisition of reality as most of us settle and appreciate that what we have and achieved is enough?

The danger in all this is that, for the majority of us, these are wants based on a sense of belonging. The reality is that we can survive without the luxuries and settle for what we are truly able to afford. However, the fear of being looked down upon overshadows, once again, any rational thought process. It’s the division of class, money, and power and the success associated with it that sets us all aside and grinds our place within this world. We have forgotten or, at least, have let our pride, stubbornness, and new wants overpower who we are. (Note: Stepping up into this world and the sense of belonging as well as fitting in have also placed pressure on those who can afford these luxuries to step up their quality of life. We may not realize this, but they too - the wealthy and élite - are feeling exactly the way we do. It doesn’t really matter what class you belong to – oh, how I despise the notion of class that defies the purpose of equality, but it’s a reality.)  The pressure is shared, and we all have the same thing in common, and our frustrations and concerns, as different as they may seem, all fall under the same umbrella: the fight for survival. We all own or have access to an umbrella. It may be a different shape and size, but it’s the quality of the umbrella that we are protected by to keep us out of the rain that really counts and has definition in the end.

I will never forget my mother’s wise words, a beautiful woman with a story of her own. She was also raised as a young child in Macedonia, under Former Yugoslavia, practicing communist foundations and virtues that have given her a wealth of experience. These have definitely shaped her existence and taught her values. Though her choices may not have been wholesome, or in line with her current priorities. Growing up as a young woman in a country of instability, and an uncertain future. Along with the mentalities and passion for identity soon to be upheaved in a world of independence and versatility. She would say to me:

“Jasmina, as blood flows through your veins, don’t forget it also flows through every single living human in this world. We are generally all the same, despite race, colour, religious and political views, status and wealth. The only thing that distinguishes who we are and become is our outlook, the values we place, the morals we adopt, the goodness, and the positive energy instilled within our souls, as we choose substance from the choices we make to leave an indentation in this world.”

She is a very wise woman, my mother. It was then, I realized, we have all been gifted a life, and it’s up to us to deal with it and to also keep the notion of life a true feature, how we are meant to live it, and whom we are meant to share it with. It’s up to us to keep teaching and nurturing that quality that we all sustain somewhere along the line. Whether it is by choice or the sense of belonging or even the ability to prove to yourself, your own capabilities.

We all lead different lifestyles and it’s a lifestyle we have worked hard for. Granted, there are so many scenarios and circumstances that are presented to us. A lifestyle that some of us may not have chosen, and is out of our control, due to the mystique destiny has reigned upon us. The trap we all fall into is not challenging these choices and persevering to better equip and challenge ourselves to strive for a better place within our quality of peace. Our minds are like a robot - they are set at full speed, even though sometimes we may not think outside the circle, or not want to think outside the circle. But, the day you do is the day you will have discovered a very valuable asset and a powerful tool to help you coexist in life. It becomes the secret of who you can be as well as the ability to appreciate that life is really a balancing act between apathy and ignorance, as we turn it into a doctrine of conformance, for virtues and substance.

“Ignorance versus arrogance: perhaps both are just an exaggerated compliment to that of middle ground. Either way, I can’t apologise for my prudence, there is simply no need.”

Never apologise for the life you have worked hard for and earned to enjoy. Never feel guilty for the luxuries you own. Never take for granted the rewards you reap. I am not talking about the success as a tally of dollars in your account. It’s the impact, it has engraved in your heart.

Be true to yourself, but never bring anyone else down to comfort your own battles and insecurities, or worse, feel good about your superiority.

Learn from others’ success and fortune. It’s then you will realise that you, too, can be and do anything you set your mind to. You are committed within your soul, to put in the hard work, and teach yourself to think a little, most of all, believe in your goals, and have faith in your aspirations, as we practice to never bring others down to comfort our insecurities. It’s the humbleness in the end that rewards our choices.

“Work hard, dream big, live free, love who you are, believe in yourself and give it the best shot you’ve got.”

“The quotient of choice: An epistemological admonition for a quality lifestyle.”

The Choice is Yours! Choose Wisely!