A Legacy by Jasmina Siderovski

empowering Your soul 

"Empowering Your Soul - Legacy of Her Mind" by Jasmina Siderovski

Jasmina Siderovski is an attending author at Riveting Reads Australia Author Event 2017 in Brisbane.

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Jasmina was holidaying with her family in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - dedicated to years of volunteering her free time in a local Gold Coast Church.  For over eight years, every time she would visit with her husband and two boys over the Christmas break, she helped along with her husband cater for hundreds of visiting tourists and locals, dedicating her heart and soul to the people.  On the night of Christmas, after a long summers day, waiting and serving the visitors from far - Jasmina lay back in her chair on the balcony of a sky-scraping hotel in the midst of Surfers Paradise and tuned into her gift - the gift to write. Her battle understanding what it is that people wanted the most. As one door would close and another would open, her quotes and wisdom became a gift for survival. 

It is then her very first written words were off revelation and a core defining moment in her identity to be the voice of the people for the people.  It is then she knew that life had a plan for her. It had depth, and it had given her reason for making a change in the world. Jasmina established her signature Empowering Your Soul. 

"Looking up, at the stars, trying to figure out, which one is looking, back at me?

Whispering, a message of serenity, love, and a defeating, silence.

I feel the warmth from the mysterious glow

surrounding, everyone while 

its reflection bounces off, 

the deep blue, an almost asleep ocean.

A picture tells, a thousand words,

but, its meaning is only interpreted, by some."