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  Author Jasmina Siderovski  

empowering Your soul

asmina  Siderovski

Founder, Director & Author

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Jasmina Siderovski

Gold Medal Winner


International Publishers Award  



          The Secret behind the brand ‘Empowering Your Soul  The Secret behind the brand, ‘Empowering Your Soul,’ based on the trials and tribulations, growing up in a pandemic society, while learning to integrate into a multicultural country. A vision celebrating different people, cultures, and contributions to substance, and existence. The abstract art of anecdotes, based on an anthology of thoughts, personal quotes, and inspirational messages, capturing her inquisitive mind. Jasmina’s, knowledge a gift within, creating an epistemology of core defining moments, and gratification, living in a world, one minute at a time. 

          Jasmina’s, legacy, builds on survival through her globally recognized, quotes, and sayings, deciphered a collage of her life as a migrant, redefining her identity, and plight learning life isn't all that it seems. Her outlook and vision enlighten our purpose in the times ahead, a rapidly changing, and diverse society, embellished thoughts and words of inspirational messages challenging the way we think, beyond limitations and how everyday life ‘relate’ in vigorous times of periodical development in a savvy planet.

          Jasmina's, quotes and beliefs, capture the attention of curious minds, who seek direction. Her outlook on core building values impedes, the anarchy of subset priorities. Jasmina's work recognized by the international media and endorsed by key corporations, and publications. 

       A woman with many hidden talents, Jasmina, loves songwriting through the universal language for world peace, love, and hope. Paramount, Nashville awarded Jasmina the 'Director's Award' for the lyrics "A Christmas Wish." Nashville International Song and Lyric Writing Competition, 2016 recognized the message behind the voice. 

        Today, Jasmina's advocates for world peace, and unity through her messages of hope and purpose.


           Jasmina Siderovski migrated as a nine-month-old baby with her parents from Eastern Europe – Macedonia to Australia in the early 1970's. Feeling, first hand the struggles, new migrant face, as her parents make Australia home. 

        A young female, growing up in the 80's and 90's, and turn of the 21st Century, Jasmina discovers her purpose of listening, learning and guiding those willing to shine. Empowered through her experiences, and her voices she founds the brand 'Empowering Your Soul.' Through, her persistence to unite, and cushion the tension the world faces, Jasmina uses her voice as the basis empowering others to follow. 

          Recognised, globally by social media, and followers, attracting, corporate giants, to support and, validate the words changing the lives of several people around the globe. Anne Geddes supported Jasmina's quotes in the 2014 release of "Little Blessings" by Anne Geddes, and Alaska Airlines highlighted one of Jasmina's quotes in their 'Brand Guidelines' manual, while Highpoint University, USA featured her work on the front cover of the University Legacy Brochure.

        Jasmina published 'Empowering Your Soul - Legacy of Her Mind' in 2016, the recipient of an International Publishers Award, and 2016 Gold Medalist Winner in Philosophy.  Her quotes and words of positivity became the soul-building voice growing louder as Jasmina's quotes become global.