A Legacy by Jasmina Siderovski

empowering Your soul 

My Story

"Be remembered for the right reasons. Leave a legacy and a smile in your heart beyond life."
- Jasmina Siderovski

A Legacy is Born

Our wisdom teaches us the art of living, and its final destination, as some might argue is ‘our legacy.’ Personally, I have always known that my existence has been a pathway to substance. It is a learning experience in itself to touch on the little things in life and understand how these fit in with the bigger picture during our lifetime.

Jasmina Siderovski

We each have a unique quality that sets us aside, as we make our mark in this timeline, using our expendable techniques, and natural life skills along with the ability to be ourselves, and be at peace doing what we love.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, and other times, it's just a transitional stage in our life. Either way, the universe tends to bring people and their stories of hope, challenging times, success, and inspiration together forming a foundation for direction, and compatibility in an egalitarian world.  

Empowering Your Soul - Legacy of Her Mind 

The quotes, discussions, and anecdotes are my lifeline, as I document my journey, hoping it reaches many to make sense of an event or an experience. However, it’s important to note that sometimes there is no understanding or real answers.

Some circumstances or events have no reason or significance. Our minds are scattered across a universe of documented history, and carry out an understanding that teaches us to question and view the world in a way that all is not what it seems. We are unintentionally transmogrified to take everything at face value.

I challenge you to think deeper and overlook illusion. We are all taught to follow other’s through our insecurities, as an individual. Be unique and leave your signature that will become a legacy for your existence in this lifetime for future generations - an encrypted message for a new generation and innovation.

"Today's literature is tomorrow's law!"

Jasmina's tips on lessons learned about forming a brand: Empowering Your Soul

"Different circumstances meet different pragmatic aspirations, but I like to think along the lines that time urges us to think a little outside the square. I firmly believe that it’s this that has embossed and shaped Empowering Your Soul.

I like to think of this as my time capsule. A capsule I am accessible to at any time. Especially when I need to be grounded as an individual, and as a mentor for my children and others as I have learned with time and knowledge, an understanding of the importance to help cushion our changes, and deeper appreciate what is happening to all of us.

Forming a brand while coinciding with important lessons we need to continue to educate our minds and bodies, to integrate with a difference, a purpose, and substance, as we build others along with our success stories. It’s a mechanism of working wisely. Not necessarily reaching the finish line ahead of everyone else, but, without the impact of a cyclonic tsunami, that leaves graffiti in our life, or worse, changes our lifeline. Believe in your product and make it stand out – your personable nature and embellishment will certainly be a reflection of your image and your brand." 

Empowering Your Soul

Jasmina Siderovski is known for her enigmatic mind, curious beyond scopes that nourish her eclecticism. She is the Founder of empoweringyoursoul.com and an internationally endorsed web author, writer, editor, publisher, blogger, and an inspirational and motivational author. She is known for her active and vibrant energy, mainly recognized for her articles, quotes, and sayings, a journalism adopting a charismatic outlook, inspiring qualities that help many find their niche in life. Her experience, based on Jasmina's life tribunals that inspire, move and motivate. Jasmina's plight is to encourage as many as possible to turn their goals and dreams to fruition.

Jasmina's outlook and vision through her writing enlighten our purpose in the times ahead within this rapidly changing and diverse society.  Her approach is to challenge our way of thinking, beyond limitations and how our everyday life relates to these active times of periodical development in a savvy planet. Jasmina's quotes and beliefs are an invigorating soul building tool that captures and relate to the inquisitive mind, those who aspire, those who seek direction, or even a revamp of our everyday choices and challenges. 

Empowering Your Soul - Legacy of Her Mind

For me, as a migrant in a multicultural country such as Australia. From a young age, learning to develop in line with the iconic changes, for exciting new technology. The revolution in medicine, the development of an economic and a savvy political world and a ‘politically correct,’ or even, a ‘politically incorrect’ society has been a real life roller coaster to indulge my eclectic mind. Ergonomic and ecological innovations along the way have rapidly kept my mind astute and the person I am today hence, the doctrine of anecdotes in ‘Empowering Your Soul – Legacy of Her Mind.’

Times are changing, rig morale and life as we know it is adding uncertainty, cascading our genre of individualism per se.

Our substance and legacies we choose to coexist and be celebrated by are where existence becomes a counter-intuitive crust in our beliefs and our core. It’s the governance of thoughts and process and the laws debated over the centuries that have always subsisted my curious mind. Hence, downloading my life lessons and observations over a lifetime have influenced me to speak out and help as many people around the world to understand the importance of integrating while holding onto your identity without the confusion of existing and belonging to a modern world.