'A  Legacy' by  
 Author Jasmina Siderovski

empowering Your soul

Her Legacy

" Your signature is the ability to celebrate your uniqueness in this world! - Jasmina Siderovski

A Legacy Is Born

Our wisdom teaches us the art of living, and its final destination, as some might argue is ‘our legacy.’ Personally, I have always known that my existence has been a pathway to substance. It is a learning experience in itself to touch on the little things in life and understand how these fit in with the bigger picture during our lifetime.

Jasmina Siderovski

We each have a unique quality that sets us aside, as we make our mark in this timeline. Stimulated through our use of expendable techniques and natural life skills along with the ability to be ourselves, and at peace doing what we love.

I can reach others in more ways than I even realise through my anecdotes and all that empowering your soul stands for. To me, it's a time capsule of concordance accessible at any moment for those who reflect and seek guidance, especially when one needs grounding as an individual. It's the reality that has taught me how to distinguish between truth and honour, as a mentor for my children and others. 

I have learned with time and knowledge, the importance to help cushion changes and events we are faced with, and appreciate life in general at a pace we all can manage.

Empowering Your Soul - Legacy of Her Mind 

The quotes, discussions, and anecdotes are my lifeline, as I document my journey, hoping it reaches many to make sense of an event or an experience. However, it’s important to note that sometimes there are no concrete answers. Some circumstances or occurrences don't have a reason or significance as we are unintentionally transmogrified to take everything at face value. Our minds are scattered across a universe of documented history, and carry out an understanding that teaches us to question and view the world in a way that all is not what it seems. 
I challenge you to think deeper and overlook illusion. We are all taught to follow others through our insecurities, as an individual. Be unique and leave your signature that will be a legacy for your existence in this lifetime and future generations - an encrypted message through the chronicles of our life.

 Tips and Lessons on
 Forming A Brand 

Forming a brand as 'Empowering Your Soul' as I coincide with essential lessons it is important to continue and educate our minds and bodies, to integrate with a difference, a purpose, and substance teaching others through our success stories. It’s a mechanism of working wisely.

Believe in your product and make it stand out, your personable nature and embellishment will undoubtedly be a reflection of your image and your brand. 

Empowering Your Soul

Times are changing, rig morale and life as we know it is adding uncertainty, cascading our genre of individualism per se. Our substance and legacies we choose to co-exist and celebrated by, are the expressions of freedom where existence becomes a counter-intuitive crust in our beliefs and core. It’s the governance of thoughts and process and the laws debated over the centuries that have perked interest within me. Hence, downloading personal life lessons and observations over a lifetime also known as the doctrine of anecdotes in ‘Empowering Your Soul – Legacy of Her Mind.’ 

The most prominent life lesson for me is the beauty different cultures and mindsets integrated into the one place. It has influenced me to speak out, I believe, on behalf of many people around the world who feel a thousand different emotions and a million different visions. In the end, you learn that the ability to understand the importance of integrating while holding onto your identity without the confusion of existing and belonging to modern society is indeed the most difficult lesson to conquer of them all.

The Secret Behind The Voice

I was holidaying with my family in Queensland, Australia dedicating years of volunteering my free time in a local Gold Coast Church.  For over eight years, every time I would visit with my husband and children over the Christmas break, we helped cater for hundreds of visiting tourists and locals. On the night of Christmas, after a long summers day, volunteering to accommodate visitors from everywhere, I lay back in my chair on the balcony of a sky-scraping hotel in the midst of Surfers Paradise and began to write. This time, it wasn't for my eyes only. My battle has always been trying to understand what it is that people yearned the most. 

My core defining moment was in the written words, a revelation in my  identity to be the voice.  As one door would close, and another would open my quotes and words became an enlightenment for many existing in a boisterous society. Followers tuned through social media as they found peace and a balance everyone could relate. I knew that life had a plan for me. It had depth, and it had given me reason for making even the slightest change in the world. I now have established my signature 'Empowering Your Soul' and now even quoted and recognised as the queen of quotes. After all there are over 2000 of them.

The Words That Inspired
Jasmina to form

" Looking up at the stars, 
trying to figure out which one is looking back at me, 
whispering messages of serenity, l
ove, and a defeating, silence. 
I feel the warmth, 
from the mysterious glow, 
surrounding everyone, 
while its reflection bounces off the deep blue, 
almost asleep ocean. 
A picture tells a thousand words, but, 
its meaning only interpreted by some. "