A Legacy by Jasmina Siderovski

empowering Your soul 

The Art of Life

Lessons Learned

It is rewarding to be an ambassador of a kindred spirit, blessings are not wealth or success, nor is it goals and hard work. Nope - not even stamina and pride. Blessings are love and being loved, kindness and the reward of substance. They are the ability to reach other hearts, make others smile and pass on feelings of worthwhile. Not all moments befit this jest, but most selfless acts hold up poise and strength. They teach us satisfaction, give us light and generate hope for a better world. 

I sit behind my own light as I watch you thinking out 'loudly' shaking your heads convinced that words are short lived in a ruthless world. I have, to be honest 9 times out of 10 I ask myself who am I kidding, this world is a tough critic and life is a struggle, pain is a daily ritual and zealousness is alive in a harbored world. Our competitive streaks demand individual legacy the art of challenges, self-development and reaching for the stars and all that jazz. It's great to feel a sense of achievement, phenomenal to reap the rewards as we strut our achievements and hang them all up on a pedestal, you know the trophy of life. Are they meant to define us?

We live in a world of opportunity, it's a land of charisma and eclectic journeys, each striving to be unique and set an example, a role model of life paving way for our alpha generation as our pre-baby boomers set up hope. We work hard, we play harder and we sadly, are even tougher on the candidacy of judging others as we approve and disapprove what we perceive as the norm - what is norm?!

Where am I trekking? Not even sure myself sadly, don't have all the answers. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever even been close to deciphering human nature as I seem to hit a labyrinth life. Some doors are closed, others open then they close and reopen. It's almost as if I'm in a robotic auto mode set to pursue new doors. If you think I'm talking about the doors to success, or even wealth, self-development or even education then you have completely lost me sadly. I guess we are born to live and then live to die. We laugh, we love, we smile and we cry. We work, we play, we befriend and we connect. We live but we forget that life is not meant to be nauseous nor is it meant to be our insomniac routine. It's not meant to be complicated. It's us that complicate it as we search for soul when the entire time soul is within us. It's everything, the whole creation of momentous discoveries from the minute we start breathing to the minute our souls look down on us and thank us for life. Cherish the laughs, smile with strangers, get to know others and thank many many many hearts for being able to live in this world as difficult as we seem to brainwash our hearts that life is tough, unfair and blame is set upon an enigma that you and I seem to really not understand. It's not hard we are here to live a simple life it's called kindness. The rest is a bonus. 

“Note to self: Positive hearts, reward the hearts of the ‘Pythagoras’ soul; yet, attract the ‘Neo-Platonism’ thoughts of our peripatetic minds in a stoicism world. Arguably, an epicurean goal, a dimension, still unclear to our philosophical, skeptic, reality.”