'A  Legacy' by  
 Author Jasmina Siderovski

empowering Your soul

Life is a choice in so many ways, even when the option becomes almost impossible.  Naturally, there are those times vicissitude binds us out of our control. However, it's complimenting the virtually impossible with a de faux of missed opportunities that make us who we are. It's the experience, lessons we learn and the approach to greet our stepping stones with knowledge, wisdom and a better understanding of where we are going.

I am delighted to have launched this website Empowering Your Soul and sincerely hope you enjoy the read.  Although some may relate and others may not, it is my aim to create an awareness in the community that life is what you make of it.  One thing I have learned through the course of my life is that life will throw you curve balls and they will hurt you.  It is how we opt to deal with these curved balls and how we catch them and trains our minds and souls to deal with this that will make our lives a little more cushioned and our hearts a bit more at ease.  It may be a health concern, a financial problem; it may be our own families or other.  One thing you can rest assured it's inevitable that this will occur, however, you do have a choice how you wish to comfort the fall.  Life is such a mystery; we are all aware of the incredible talent, knowledge and prevailing wisdom that has engulfed life on Earth since the dawn of time.  It dates back to ancient history, and before Christ, the consensus is always to belong to a community, tribe, be it your own family, your group of friends, your workplace or an organisation.  It is only natural that we all have a sense of belonging and hold onto ideas and ideals to better develop oneself.   It is no secret that we all want to be a better person, a better parent, a great boss, a qualified employee and a trustworthy friend.  How we go about doing this is where we all tend to lose our way and our goals, our aspirations and ourselves, a downfall in our grand vision that we all hope to achieve. A volatile constituent of our lives for some but the sad reality for many it is quite the opposite and becomes a long term event which is a significant danger to the people we become and the life we lead.

  So many of us want a quick fix for all our needs and want; the reality is that most of the time a quick fix is a bubble that quickly gets away from you until you catch it and it bursts in your hands right before your eyes.  How many of you have had that feeling of hope and believe in a quick fix when all along you aren’t being true to yourself thinking a miracle will occur.  I don't deny that quick fixes do exist and will exist. Unfortunately, this is not so for the majority.  I do believe that for any 'quick fix' to occur you have to be disciplined and achieve that goal,  helping yourself first before you can help the situation or course of events.  

  My greatest satisfaction is the ability to motivate and inspire others to learn and embrace life. Its amazing curves and triumphs that lead to depression, loss of self-confidence and a lack of awareness. You can deal with most ordeals, using your mind and knowledge to process, and provide a possible solution to create a better serving energy that you will find not only will help and serve your own needs but it suddenly becomes a teaching mechanism to help soothe others.  There are times where your mind will overpower any shadow of thought; it's a natural defence tool we all have and most of the time you will learn that two wrongs do not necessarily make a right.  There are never winners, even when you think you may have won, in fact, we are all losers, and we all become uncomfortable with our actions as the damage is already done, and there is no turning back.  Fortunately, for you and I there is going forward and learning from experience will teach us to deal with new challenges - a little smarter and conservatively.  

  Life is trial and error; no one is perfect, we are all human at the end of the day with feelings and aspirations.  Learning to respect each and not underestimating their capabilities is a great lesson in life, use it, and you will become better equipped to tackle any debate.  Always be an individual with your thought process.  Learn to voice your opinions and not belong to a crowd that will bring you down.