A Legacy by Jasmina Siderovski

Empowering Your Soul 

Jasmina Siderovski

Sydney, Australia

‘Empowering Your Soul – Legacy of Her Mind’ by Jasmina Siderovski is a transmogrify of personal vicissitude and augmentation based on Jasmina’s trials and tribulations growing up in a pandemic society and learning to integrate into a labyrinth of different cultures that would form an ideal vision for existence.  A compendium based on an anthology of thoughts, quotes and inspirational messages that capture the inquisitive mind.  Jasmina’s knowledge is her gift within that creates an epistemology of core defining moments and gratification living in a world one minute at a time.

Jasmina’s legacy is built on survival of the fittest through the stamina and spine of her globally recognized quotes and sayings deciphered in an anecdote collage of her life as a migrant redefining her identity and plight to live and learn with an understanding that life is not all that it seems.  

  Her outlook and vision through her writing enlighten our purpose in the times ahead within this rapidly changing and diverse society embellished thoughts and words of inspirational messages challenge the way we think, beyond limitations and how our everyday life ‘relate’ in these vigorous times of periodical development in a savvy planet.

 Jasmina's quotes and beliefs are an invigorating soul-building tool that captures and relate to that of the inquisitive mind, those who aspire, and those who seek direction or even a revamp of our everyday choices and challenges.  Her outlook, are of admiration and core building values that impede an anarchy of subset priorities teaching us that life is sometimes ‘all not what it seems.'

Jasmina Siderovski recognized by the international media endorsed by publications such as magazines, authors, news articles, social media, inspirational motivators and life coaches for her quotes and sayings, blogging and media content contributor.  An inspirational songwriter in a universal language for world peace, love and hope by Paramount, Nashville with her song "A Christmas Wish" receiving the Director's Award - Nashville International Song and Lyric Writing Competition for 2016.   Jasmina has written the lyrics to "Chosen" produced and revised lyrics ℗ © by Tune the Abstract. 

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